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One FNG: A Visionary Project Redefining Commercial Excellence

The Noida Expressway plays a pivotal role in making Commercial Real Estate in the region an attractive hub for investments. This connectivity not only eases the commute for businesses but also enhances the accessibility of commercial spaces, making them more appealing to potential investors. The prime location along the expressway positions these projects as lucrative opportunities, drawing attention from businesses looking for strategic and well-connected locations.

Noida Expressway, a pulsating hub for commercial projects, is witnessing a paradigm shift with the emergence of ambitious ventures like One FNG by Builder Group 108. Situated along the Faridabad Noida Gurgaon Expressway, One FNG is strategically positioned to redefine commercial spaces, making it a standout project on the Noida Expressway.

One FNG stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the landscape of commercial projects on Noida Expressway. Comprising two towers, One FNG seamlessly integrates retail and office spaces, creating a dynamic environment for businesses to thrive.

One FNG Noida

The cornerstone of One FNG lies in its meticulously designed office spaces within Tower A. Ranging from approximately 1000 to 1500 square feet, these lockable units provide occupants with a versatile canvas to shape their workspace. Tower B, soaring to 15 floors with an expansive floor plate of around 53,000 square feet, sets a new standard for office configurations in Noida.

Having 21 high-speed elevators equipped with cutting-edge technology, One FNG ensures efficient vertical movement, optimizing accessibility for all occupants. The separation of entrances for office personnel and the retail area enhances operational flow and contributes to an enhanced experience for clients and visitors.

One FNG is not just about structures; it’s a commitment to green spaces and sustainability. The steel composite building is a testament to this commitment, extending the structure’s lifespan while significantly reducing its carbon footprint. The project’s detailed landscaping and strategic placement of trees create a refreshing and environmentally conscious ambiance within the premises.

Strategically positioned within Tower B, the retail spaces in One FNG capitalize on key areas like the FNG access entry, tower entry, and the plaza. This intentional placement is designed to enhance visibility, recall value, and draw in a higher number of visitors, ultimately boosting business prospects for retailers.

Dedicated lifts, exclusively serving retailers and shoppers and operating between the ground and the first floor, ensure a seamless flow of visitors. A connecting pathway between the two sides of the retail shops links the tower entry and plaza-facing areas, creating a cohesive shopping experience.

Opulent Boulevards and Majestic Experiences at One FNG add to the opulence. One FNG allocates a generous 5-meter-wide walking space in front of the shops. This creates the sensation of strolling down a beautiful and opulent boulevard, reinforcing the majestic experience promised by the project. With a height of approximately 5.35 meters and an average frontage of 5.2 meters, the retail spaces at One FNG offer a truly regal experience.

One FNG Noida proudly holds the Platinum pre-certification for design from the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). This accolade underscores the project’s commitment to sustainability, adhering to global benchmarking and specifications. The glass facade design, facilitating an abundance of natural light, creates a well-lit and inviting environment while promoting energy efficiency. The strategic use of aluminum mitigates heat absorption, contributing to a comfortable and sustainable workspace.

One FNG Noida prioritizes the well-being of its occupants through advanced air filtration systems and ventilation solutions within the corporate towers. These systems guarantee impeccable indoor air quality, free from pollutants and contaminants. In both construction and outfitting, the project prioritizes the use of non-toxic and sustainable materials, promoting health and well-being within the workspace.

One FNG, with its strategic location and thoughtful design, is not just a commercial project on Noida Expressway; it’s a visionary masterpiece shaping the future of commercial spaces. As the project unfolds amidst the dynamic commercial landscape of Noida Expressway, One FNG stands tall as a testament to Builder Group 108’s commitment to excellence. With commitment and excellence forming its base and the same resonating through One FNG’s design and features, it is poised to become a landmark, setting new benchmarks in commercial real estate development on Noida Expressway.

One FNG retail space